Case Study Mr.Dees

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Case Study: Mr.Dees

* Mr.Dee is a hard-working person that he studied in Berkeley and did his master in international trade. At the same he got married but he is has some unknown and blind factors which causes him to change his job a lot and lost his family. He needed to become more self-aware.

He quit his job and he started to work with the company, Mitsubishi. Besides working in there, he started his own company with a partnership. Mr Dee, his partner and his partner’s wife have different things to do in the company and at first they make good money. Then Mr.Dee began hearing rumors and started to search it without biases.

“In that situation it can be clearly seen that he shows the “”BLIND” characteristics of JoHari Window.
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He is known not only just a chairman, also a voice. He need to motivate himself and he decided to act like a different person that they are not used to. For 5 years he will work like nobody else. This forced he and his wife to discuss some other motivation tools and this realization cause them to link the company strategy, structure and culture.

* There was a problem that Mr.Dees has to cope with that is being controlled by the California Deparment of Insurance. That means everybody has to sell their insurance by the same price. Also after working American Income Life, he did not want to target the market individually. Also he needed to find a competitve advantage because the market in Northern California was also complicated because there is just two medical companies and their policies are known thoroughly.

Creating an immediate cash flow
He need to built these in order to achieve his aim
Attracting new business customers
Creating sustainable competitive advantage
Need to practice building business techniques
Determine what kind of insure to sell
Need a ame plan

* Power; 1) Power at the organizational level 2) Power at the team leve 3) Power at the personel level

* The lack of clients, track record in California market, leading to provide agents and client recommendation froced Mr.Dees to be more creative. He knows that he wont be successful with the