Btec Level 3 Health & Social Care Unit 1 - P3, P4

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P3-Effective communication in Health and Social Care
P4-Identify and explain strategies to overcome the barriers.

Environmental factors
There are a number of barriers to effective communication in health and social care. One of these is the environment. If the environment gets in the way of effective communication, then the receiver may not understand the message that is being given to them.
• Seating positions
Rooms with awkward seating positions might mean that two people cannot see each other properly. For example if a nurse is talking to a patient and the patient is leaning back at about 135 degrees, this would mean that the patient is not paying attention to what the nurse is communicating. So the patient (receiver) may not
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There is no advice or information that is likely to be very useful to a person who is overwhelmed by grief, but many people do want someone to be with them. Communication in this difficult or sensitive situation should focus on emotional needs, rather than giving out information. To overcome this barrier a health care worker needs to fully understand the person the care worker is communicating with before responding to anything that they say. Furthermore the care worker has to be confident in the information that he/she is providing, for example when announcing grief to someone, it is important that we think about a much appropriate way to say it to provide them emotional care and support. To overcome those barriers, a caring presence should be created. This is about sharing an understanding of the feelings that other people may be experiencing. For example if a service user’s mother passed away this would be a deep grief for him/her. Thus it is the service provider’s responsibility to provide care and comfort so that any communication barrier is avoided and better rapport can be built.
Communication/ language needs/ preferences
Sometimes service users may have a preferred first language which a service provider may be unfamiliar with, this can create a communication barrier. As this can affect communication e.g. the service user may be Polish and he can’t understand English, this would be difficult for the care worker as he


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