Bosu Trainer Case Study

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Class: ITM 200- Business Information Systems
Assignment: Case Study 1 (Chapter 3)
Subject: Business Process Management
Company: Bosu Fitness
Industry: Exercise Equipment Industry

The Bosu balance trainer was invented in 1999 by David Wreck the name Bosu means “Both Sides Utilized” because this exercise equipment has two sides. The two sides of the exercise equipment can be used for training with any kind of work out fitness. Bosu reflects a philosophy in athletic conditioning that focuses on balance; balance is the foundation on which all other performance components are built.
Bosu are known to have a good reputation among these market leaders and are delivering significant benefits
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Having a competitive advantage helps your business grow and have a smooth business process that have your previous customers coming back as well as attracting new customers to want to purchase your product.

5.) What information systems can Bosu develop to create barriers to entry to the competition? Bosu can create systems that help them establish alliances having alliances will help them with entry barriers. Also having alliances will allow them to connect with different organizations on many levels by promoting product awareness and needs, develop market size and many other benefits. Connecting with alliances also helps with entry to competition because Bosu will have other organizations helping build their business and expand their business.

6.) What information system can Bosu develop to lock in customers? Bosu can develop a system and strategy called switching cost this system will allow them to lock in their customers. By coming up with different ways of keeping their customers for examples: making contracts against their products, making the products more expensive and stay connected with other organizations. Being connected with other organizations will also keep your customers locked in because Bosu and other organizations will communicate amongst one another to make sure no contracts are broken and that customer’s stay locked in.

7.) What information system