Boeing and Supply Chain Structural Improvements

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Learning Plan 6
Graded Assignment: Boeing
Read the profile of Boeing and the company’s 787 Dreamliner found in your textbook. This profile serves as an excellent example of how a company used an infrastructure change to improve its supply chain. In making this improvement, which of the five ways of implementing an infrastructure change, identified in section 10.6 of your text, did Boeing employ? Do a little research on your own to identify a company that has used the second main approach (i.e., a structural change) commonly employed by organizations to improve their supply chains. Write a brief profile of the company you’ve selected following the pattern of the Boeing profile you’ve just examined. The profile should be one to two pages
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HP, of course, is famous for computers, computer equipment and supplies but in the world of rapidly changing customer preferences, the mogul is having to update its approach in order to assure survival on Wall Street. The restructuring is proposed to generate annual savings of over $3 billion by the end of 2014. The changes expected to yield significant improvements in efficiency and customer service over the next several years. Ultimately HP indicates the savings achieved would be reinvested in the company and used to create advances in strategic focus regarding cloud, big data and security, along with other areas that could generate good financial return and growth.
The restructuring has seen the exit of several thousand employees through early retirement programs, with more jobs to be cut as the plan unfolds over the next several years. The initial press release indicated that cost savings were not only being seen through employee reduction but also in supply chain optimization, SKU and platform rationalization, as well go-to-market strategy simplification and business process improvement. With the savings, HP is investing in several facets of the company that will strengthen its ability to stay ahead of customer expectations and capitalize on growing market trends.
The objective for HP is to move into developing computing


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