Philosophical and Practical Approach for Balancing Issues

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Philosophical and Practical Approach for Balancing Issues
CRJ- 220 Ethics and Leadership

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Is there a way to balance the protection of individual rights while protecting the public at the same time? There are many arguments to this question due to the grey areas surrounding individual rights and public rights. Many argue that their rights are violated but then complain when the protection of the public is breached. This needs to be a give and take situation and people need to realize that they will have to give up some privacy for the good of all. When people speak of rights do they really understand what they are speaking of? This is a catered society and I feel people think everything should just
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This approach improved parolees’ attendance at integrated community parole and addiction treatment sessions, as well as increased use of treatment and individual counseling services (How can rewards and sanctions be used effectively with drug-involved offenders in treatment? | National Institute on Drug Abuse. 2012).” This is a positive approach to helping offenders get their lives back and adding it with the rehabilitation is a positive way to use this type of incentive. Lying such as in an interrogation to accomplish a desirable end is justifiable only when there has been no violation of rights involved. The phrase “the end justifies the means” can be used on both sides of the law. A mother can rob the pharmacy of her baby’s medication to save the child’s life. The ending justified her actions; of course she will still be punished under the law. A police officer lies while posing as a drug dealer to get the real drug offenders off the street. The ending justified the means as long as he did not violate anyone’s rights. Water boarding is in no way a justifiable way to receive a desirable end. This violates the individual’s rights and is considered cruel and unusual punishment. Lying during an interrogation can be


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