Acct 562 Assignment 2

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Chapter 4: Problems 4–4, 4–6, 4–10, and 4–11

3–9. Recording General Fund Operating Budget and Operating Transactions. The Town of Bedford Falls approved a General Fund operating budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011. The budget provides for estimated revenues of $2,700,000 as follows: property taxes, $1,900,000; licenses and permits, $350,000; fines and forfeits, $250,000; and intergovernmental (state grants), $200,000. The budget approved appropriations of $2,650,000 as follows: General Government, $500,000; Public Safety, $1,600,000; Public Works, $350,000; Parks and Recreation, $150,000; and Miscellaneous, $50,000.

General Fund operating budget: fiscal year ending June 30, 2011
Budget: revenues of $2,700,000
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The City of Ashland’s General Fund had the following post-closing trial balance at April 30, 2010, the end of its fiscal year: During the year ended April 30, 2011, the following transactions, in summary form, with subsidiary ledger detail omitted, occurred:

1. The budget for FY 2011 provided for General Fund estimated revenues totaling $3,140,000 and appropriations totaling $3,100,000.
2. The city council authorized temporary borrowing of $300,000 in the form of a 120-day tax anticipation note. The loan was obtained from a local bank at a discount of 6 percent per annum (debit Expenditures for discount).
3. The property tax levy for FY 2011 was recorded. Net assessed valuation of taxable property for the year was $43,000,000, and the tax rate was $5 per $100. It was estimated that 4 percent of the levy would be uncollectible.
4. Purchase orders and contracts were issued to vendors and others in the amount of $2,059,000.
5. The County Board of Review discovered unassessed properties with a total taxable value of $500,000. The owners of these properties were charged with taxes at the city’s General Fund rate of $5 per $100 assessed value. (You need not adjust the Estimated Uncollectible Current Taxes account.)
6. $1,961,000 of current taxes, $383,270 of delinquent taxes, and $20,570 of interest and penalties were collected.
7. Additional interest and penalties