Americanisation in Australia

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Last time I checked the name of our country was not Ausmerica! So why are we slowly letting America make us the 51st state of the USA? The American media and imports have caused Australian culture to become submerged in the generic cosmopolitanism of the US!
Good morning/afternoon Ms Bui and class today I will be speaking to you about the Americanisation of Australia's language and culture through music, film and television.
The national spread of American media including; TV, film and music has been the cornerstone of Americanisation in Australia since 1945, the end of world war two. 'Britain's Farm' and 'America's Junior Partner': that is what Australia was labelled as, around the end World War II. Prior to WWII it is argued Australia
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Dog and bone (phone). Having a Barry Crocker (shocker) ? they're all purely Australian!
But there has been an increasing move away from our traditional language to one which is far more shocking. Yes, I speak of the unimaginable horror of our language becoming increasingly Americanised or septic-tanked, if you will.
When exactly did hot chips become french fries? Seriously. There is nothing French about chopping up a spud and banging it in some hot oil.
And diapers. It is a nappy, people. A nappy. Disposable or cloth, it is still a nappy. And then, of course, there is all that follows on from such a term. A bag you stick all the kids' stuff in becomes a diaper bag - la-di-da. And the good old-fashioned bum rash becomes diaper rash.
We do not have sidewalks. We have footpaths, because they are paths you have your feet on. We lounge around on couches; we don't couch on lounges, for goodness sake. We have shopping centres, not "malls".
I reckon we should start a campaign and reclaim our language back with all its cringe-worthy phrases.
After all, why would we possibly want to be more American? We already fight in their wars, follow their lead when it comes to over-medicating and over-eating and then bingeing on truly bizarre exercise programs.
We have fallen prey to their cultural invasion and now watch CSI from every corner of the States, and everyone knows where "eat my shorts" comes from. And I


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