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American express case study
American Express Case Study Research Papers, Essays, and Term Papers 1-800-351-0222 or 310-313-1265 Or Order On-Line! American Express Case Study Term Paper ID:27345 Get This Paper Free!or Buy This Paper Essay Subject: Analyzes the successful management changes instituted at American Express in the 1980s by CEO Lou Gerstner.... Pages / 1800 Words 1 sources, 3 Citations, APA Format rating 32.00 More Papers on This Topic Paper Abstract: Analyzes the successful management changes instituted at American Express in the 1980s by CEO Lou Gerstner. Paper Introduction: American Express Case Study Description Much of the success of American Express during the mid1980s was attributed to the entrepreneurial management
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There are more layers ofmanagement between him and entry level staff. American Express clearly utilized that, as in creating thework group led by Jerry Welsh. Culture. By definition, they would not be asgood.
The problem is how best to ensure that those slackareas continue to exist within the company? Welsh recognized, however, that the group, and his career, are bothlikely to be temporary. This creates some open space, in itself. Action Plan The questions that need to be addressed are the ones Gerstner himselfhad: "How do you keep the change agents? Welsh was able to do this and so were the two youngerwomen.
It might indeed be a very good wayto do things, but it could also become a slow, tedious approach to problem-solving that would not always serve well. How do you protect that kind ofcleansing, productive wind blowing through the corridors?" And, as he alsonoted, this does not come out of structure, but out of relationships, so itcannot be built in. Gerstner noted that he can already recognize that it is becoming moredifficult for him to stay in touch with people.
They need to focus on creating environments inwhich creative people are tolerated and rewarded. He was surprised by thedepth of resistance within the organization structure and indicated that ittook longer than he had anticipated to make the changes he thoughtnecessary. He also focused oncreating a culture that emphasized


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