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Value of Life
Although many people make life seem pointless, harsh, unfair and that there’s nothing to value I disagree with that. Therefore, when you have worked hard and dedicated your life to something that means valuable to you and you accomplish it, you increase a positive attitude because your life seems to starts falling in place. You star realizing the beauty in life is worth working hard for. The pursuit of happiness is always worth chasing when you want everything you dream of having.

Unfortunately not everything in life goes your way, as much as we wish that life can be easy and fun with happiness it’s not. They will be times in your life when you will go through down falls that make you feel depressed but luckily life gives you chances to change the negative attitude to positive. When you have a chance to make something happen make sure you do the best you can. You never know if it can possibly change your life. I’m not religious but God is always looking over you, he will give you many more opportunities in life to have something special that means a lot to you. Never give up just because something didn’t go your way.

The beauty in life is a mystery that if you really want to know what the beauty in life is like, you have to go search for it. In life, nothing is handed to no one is ever going to give you anything; you have to do things yourself. You’re not going to wake up and be a millionaire, in reality you’re going to wake up to work. It’s part of life and many people go through it, you just have to love it.

In “What is a Life Worth?” by Amanda Ripley was an article based on the tragedy of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 it discussed how the government “assigned a price tag to a life has always made people intensely squeamish”. The government believed that depending on the income and financial wastes that the person had that passed away, the family would receive a fund. The fund did not make many families happy because, of the fact they said that money was not sufficient for how much the family suffered.

So can a life be worth something? Life is something you cannot buy or replace with money; you can never replace someone with money their life was worth more than anything. Life is very valuable because once it’s gone you’ll never have something like it again you should be happy to go through struggles and not be depressed. Life can be beautiful you just have to be grateful all the time and just believe that you can do it.