“the City of Ember” Analysis

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“City of Ember” Analysis This essay will explore the movie “City of Ember”. The first time I watched “City of Ember” it was purely for the enjoyment of watching a film with my three young sons. I took little note of the style, texture or structure of the film. However, after having read the text from week one and two and reacquainting myself with the film yesterday I have come to appreciate the film for more than just the family aspect that first drew me to watch. Now I can appreciate the action, fantasy, and sci-fi genres incorporated into the movie as well. “City of Ember” takes place in a future time when the fate of all humankind is endangered by the eminent explosion of the earth. The creators of Ember, or “The Builders” as …show more content…

The Director closes this film out with a microcosm. The scene is of Doon and Lina far above Ember looking down into the earth through a small opening in the ground. They throw down a rock with the information that they had made it out. We watch that rock travel many miles down into the earth toward the small speckle of flickering light, which is Ember. It appeared to be isolated as if it was a solitary little island. The world is made of many different types of people all of different morals and abilities. The point of this film is to stir the question what citizen of Ember are you? Are you like Lizzie and Mrs. Thorn blindly following the officials’ words like sheep without question or cause? Are you like the Mayor and Looper taking all they can for themselves and not caring about those around you? Are you like Lina and Doon scared of what is to come, but willing to take a chance to have a better future? “City of Ember” is a story of overcoming adversity, rising above ones fears and having courage enough to venture into the unknown no matter the cost.

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