Wild Shrimp Fisheries

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Shrimp Fisheries
Lena Buchanan
MOL 504A Systems Thinking and The Learning Organization
Professor Toni Pauls
Warner Pacific College
November 12th, 2012

There is an increase of shrimp demand and the wild fisheries and aquaculture shrimp production are in constant competition of who is going to be more profitable. In the last thirty years the aquaculture industry has expanded and there seems to be concern from the wild fisheries about the “boom and bust” cycles of shrimp production. Some environmentalist; however, have concerns that these two communities with their constant debate is impacting both the sea and the forests. There is no disagreement that the shrimp industry is expanding, nevertheless, there needs to be some
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There needs to be a system in place that is both positive and structured in a way that will allow a positive impact for the long term life of the shrimp industry. Following is an example of a high level vision that both the wild shrimp fisheries and the shrimp aquaculture can follow.

Shrimp farming is a rapidly developing and profitable industry throughout the world. As a result shrimp farming has much promise to grow into a highly profitable and beneficial industry. However, global examples of shrimp farming in similar settings have revealed a number of problems inherent to the industry (Raja, Ganoza, Landel, & McWane, 2009). Both wild fisheries and aquaculture have been in constant competition to meet shrimp demand that is difficult to ignore. Still the aquaculture industry has expanded due to the fact that wild shrimp fishery alone cannot meet the increased demand for shrimp in the world market.
Conversely, there exists a tradeoff between wild fishery and aquaculture shrimp industry that they should be better managed for the benefit of both traditional fishing and aquaculture farming communities (Gupta, Chowdhury, n/d). I believe that due to this aggressive competition, the impacts on the environment are apparent and both areas need to have a common goal of working together to continue to


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