Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a Pistol

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Amitt Permaul
English 92 – Section 21G
Spring 2011 - Hill Draft 3 Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a Pistol

In the article “Why One Women Carries a Pistol” by Linda M. Hasselstrom, Hasselstrom is a woman on a mission. She strongly believes women should carry pistols to defend themselves from being attacked or raped. Hasselstrom learned that any female around the age of twelve can expect to be criminally assaulted, and women around the age of thirty have a fifty-fifty chance of being raped, robbed or attacked. The percentage in guns purchased by women went up and they even modified the weapons to be lighter and smaller so women can
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My two cousins and I drove to my aunt’s house to get the gun, we got it just in case they tried to come back and start stuff with us. When we got to the back to the party they was already waiting for us by their car, In Florida once a person trespass on your property you have a right to shoot that person. So they came out of the car throwing bottles at us and they got a couple of football players to try and beat us up, it was like three against ten. Just when I thought I was going to fight I gave the gun to my cousin because he is the owner of the house and he asked for it. My cousin shot some rounds in the air towards them and they scattered like flies, they jumped in their car and hit the pedal so fast in reverse they almost ran into a tree. I couldn’t stop laughing, when they saw the gun their faces turned white and I saw the fear in their eyes. We didn’t try to shoot them of course but we knew what we were doing, we used the gun for self defense and it worked. In the story Hasselstrom uses weapons for self defense purposes only. She also believes it brings equality to any situation. But the main part of the story to me is, she is saddened by the fact she has to use weapons to be equal with man. Ms. Hasselstrom believes weapons can shift the balance of power and provide women with some measure of safety, she is right women should train more with weapons to help defend themselves from attackers because by the