When Consultants and Clients Clash

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The main problem at Kellogg-Champion is that the CEO, Royce Kellogg has no clue that his idea that things regarding the merger are in great shape are wrong. He told the consultants that all the “big integration related issues” were taken care of and all he really needs is some help finishing the small details of “finalizing common operating policies and procedures in ways that are good business and fair to all”. This sounded like a simple task, however it became obvious to Susan Barlow and Jim Roussos after just gathering and sifting through data that the commonalities between the two companies were not as prominent as they were led to believe. This probably should have raised a red flag and triggered an immediate request for a more …show more content…

If they can convince Royce Kellogg to see the real problems, then they can offer up advice as to how they can all work together to come up with a new game plan.
All of this can be difficult since there is a good chance that Royce Kellogg will want to start the meeting by explaining how upset he is with the consultants and trying to blame these “new” problems on their inexperience and lack of expertise. Susan Barlow and Jim Roussos are unaware as of this moment of Royce Kellogg’s frustration with them, but if he were to begin the meeting by expressing that frustration, Susan Barlow and Jim Roussos might think about letting the CEO vent, then – depending on how upset he is at the conclusion of that, they may wish to give him a cooling off period by explaining to him that they have heard his concerns and would be happy to set up a meeting with their partner George Gray. Prior to that meeting, they could explain their findings to George Gray and allow him to assist them with the explanation of how difficult mergers can be. Since Royce Kellogg had previously spoken with George Grey and was happy with him, perhaps Royce Kellogg would be more adept to hearing this information from the partner. In that case, the partner along with Susan Barlow and Jim Roussos could discuss a proper course of action, and George Grey would be able to use that meeting to show


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