What Is Meant by the Term Equality

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Project one

What is meant by the term equality?
Equality can mean different things to different people; some people believe that equality means treating everyone the same. However you can not treat everyone as equal due to the fact that everyone has different backgrounds, life experiences, skills and knowledge. So no two people can really ever be the same. Individuality can be a positive attribute in all aspects of life. Equality can be more accurately described as when people are given equal opportunities giving them access to the same rights, choices and resources no matter of their gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religious belief or cultural differences.

What is meant by the term discrimination?

Discrimination is
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That is, language both reflects cultural norms, assumptions and patterns and contributes to their maintenance and their transmission from generation to generation)
(Thompson: 2003:15)

An example of cultural discrimination at my work place: Mr A one of our residents was verbally abusive towards and member of staff, who comes from the Philippines. Mr A had been speaking to this member of staff in a manner that was inappropriate and using degrading comments about her. When a senior member of staff spoke to Mr A about this he stated “we had those kind of people working for us in my fathers house, why would I treat them like people when they are only good for cleaning and severing”. When staff spoke to Mr A’s family re this, his daughter stated that her grandfather had a farm and they had workers on it and some Philippines worked in the house. The last part of Neil Thompson PCS analysis is the structural level. The structural level is how some industries like the media, Religion, and some political groups support people or groups who have cultural norms or personal belief that can be seen as discrimination, such as the Roman Catholic Church’s position on Homosexuality. i.e: that homosexuality is morally evil. These industries help glue together the other two factors of the PCS analysis, personal and cultural making them apart of everyday living.

Question one

At my place of work , we work to the National Care Standards, care homes for older


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