Vark Questionnaire Paper

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“VARK” is a questionnaire of about 16 questions that provides people with their preference of learning style. The learning styles that VARK offers can help people develop additional and effective strategies for learning and for making your communication skills better. The styles that this questionnaire determines are Visual, Aural, Read/Write, Kinesthetic, or you can be multimodal which means you have a multiple learning preference. In this paper I will summarize the results received after taking the questionnaire and the other learning styles. After taking the questionnaire it was learned that some individuals, such as this author are multimodal learners. What multimodal means is you have multiple preferences. Majority of the …show more content…

This author feels these results show how she has studied in the past. This author likes to try things out when learning new material and enjoys having people demonstrate what is being taught. During nursing school this author learned best by the demonstrations in skills and clinical and then being able to perform the hands on task. These questionnaires are good guidelines to get a student headed in the right direction and to help them improve their study habits.

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The VARK Questionnaire Results
Your scores were:
• Visual: 13
• Aural: 1
• Read/Write: 4
• Kinesthetic: 13 You can find more information about your learning preferences in our downloadable book:
How Do I Learn Best? a student's guide to improved learning
More Information...

You have a multimodal (VK) learning preference.
Use the following helpsheets for study strategies that apply to your learning preferences: multimodal visual kinesthetic ________________________________________
Personal Learning Profile Report


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