Unit 4222-301 Promote Communication

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Unit 4222-301 Promote communication

1. Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting 2.1 People communicate to let other people know their needs and wishes. They also need to tell others if they are in pain and how they are feeling, and to put their anxieties at ease.
It is important in my role that I communicate constantly with my client to understand how she is feeling daily and to let her other carers know her needs and if her needs change at any time. I also need to ask questions and share information with them. 2.2 Communication affects the work setting in many ways, between the client, carers and medical professionals. This may be done in person, body language, telephone calls, text
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With my client I always make sure I assess how she is feeling every day as this can determine how we communicate. I must make sure I am positive and have a good body language and listen and understand her feelings and also make sure that I understand her body language and facial expressions and vocal tone. 4.10 If there was a misunderstanding I would explain to my client what I was trying to say, calmly, if she was angry and still misunderstood I would give her some space for the situation to calm down, or ask someone to mediate for instance my clients husband to explain what I was trying to say. 4.11 Extra support to enable individuals to communicate effectively could be by using the individual’s preferred spoken language. The use of signs, symbols. Communicating in ways which are sensitive by the
Individual’s needs. You could use translators or specialist equipment. You should observe and react correctly to the persons and work with them to communicate effectively.

4. Be able to apply principles and practices relating to confidentiality 5.12 Confidentiality means that you would treat all personal details of the client private. You would only disclose details for instance for medical matters to medical professionals. You would protect your client’s privacy. 5.13 In day to day communication you would maintain confidentiality by ensuring that all conversations are only done in the workplace, and you only