Torture and Ethics

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Torture and Ethics Paper

CJA 530
January 31st, 2011
Eddie Koen

Torture and Ethics Paper Torture is something that is known as wrong internationally. Torture is “deliberate, systematic or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons acting on the orders of authority, to force a person to yield information, to confess, or any other reason” (World Medical Association, 1975, pg.1). There is a general consensus that there is a right to be free from any kind of torture as it can be found in many different human rights treaties around the world. The treaties show that all of the thoughts about torture are pointing away from the right to torture someone no matter what the case
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Believe it or not all nations have allies and people that they trade with one another in order to make their nation a better nation. When issues come up about how their people are treated they can be convinced not to help those nations out in times of need. This can turn into a huge problem if the nation ever needs help or anything from the other nation. Each nation believes that their people should be protected, but tend to forget that when it comes to other high profile individuals. The act of torture is an act that needs to be considered as a violation of human rights. If the act of torture was looked at as anything other than that there would be more issues than we really know. Torture is one of the oldest ways that people get information that they are looking for when they capture someone of interest. It can be one of the fastest ways to get a person to give up the information that they are looking for so that they can accomplish whatever plan that they have in place. There are other ways that people can get the information that they are looking before besides abusing someone and violating their most basic human rights that they have. The question about torture should then be what is the ethical thing to do about torture? Is it alright in some instances to torture someone to get the information that is needed and not alright in other cases? When taking a look


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