To Investigate How Does the Concentration of Hydrochloric Acid Affect the Rate of Reaction?

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To investigate how does the concentration of Hydrochloric acid affect the rate of reaction?

I aim to discover how different concentrations of Hydrochloric acid influence the rates of reaction. In order to carry out this investigation I have decided to use marble chips, which I will vary the sizes as powder, small chips and large chips. I will also be changing the concentration, the different concentrations are as follows 0.2m, 0.5m, 1m, 1.5, 2m. I have chosen these concentrations as they have a good range, we have to take this in to account, in view of the fact that if I was to use a concentration lower than 0.2m, the rate of reaction will be to slow or if I was to use over 2 molars, it is too dangerous to handle and violates
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Stop clock as soon as 20cm³ of gas (product) is collected and record result
13. Repeat this three times for every concentration (remember to clean equipment before every experiment)

Surface Area

The larger the surface area the bigger chances of collision. This is because there is a larger surface area for particles to collide in to therefore causing a reaction, but if the surface area was small, particles have less surface area to collide in to so the reaction will be slower.


A catalyst is a substance which accelerates the rates of reaction without being used up or undergoing any change.


It is a well known fact that the higher the temperature the higher the collision of particles, therefore a faster reaction. This is because temperature speeds up the movement of HCL particles which consequently increases collision.


The greater the concentration the greater chance of collision, simply meaning a faster reaction, as there is more particles to collide in to each other.

Things to be taken in to account


The things I am going to change are the concentrations of HCL as this variable is vital; because I am going to investigate how the concentration of HCL rates of reaction affect the rates of reaction.

Things I will keep the same:

I am going to keep the volume of HCL the same for every experiment, which is a volume of 30cm³. I am also going to keep the same


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