Tma03 W100 -Unlawful Conduct

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ETMA 03 – UNLAWFULL CONDUCT. Unlawful conduct is a very broad term, we may consider the term of unlawful conduct of any conduct relating to crimes but it is much broader than this, it also includes aspects of civil law. We can consider a conduct to be unlawful in many ways; this can be by underage drinking to downloading music from the internet without paying for such a song. For a conduct to be considered unlawful, it has to be approved by parliament. Without laws we cannot consider a conduct to be unlawful.
Unlawful conduct is any conduct that it is forbidden by law. Crimes are a form of unlawful conduct, such as, robbery, murder and assault which are considered criminal acts. Another form of unlawful conduct is civil disputes; this
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However, for a conduct to be considered as unlawful there must be a law to enforce such a conduct. As stated previously with homosexuality, it use to be illegal before 1967 as it was a written law, but this was abolished in 1967. If the conduct is to be refered as a moral conduct, where is wrong to conduct the way, it is not to be unlawful. This is another factor that influence why conducts is considered unlawful, as without this factor there wouldn’t be any unlawful conduct as they wouldn’t be any laws to establish them. For instance, in some countries or even religious believe, people may see that abortion is against their beliefs but this doesn’t mean that the person conducting an abortion is doing it unlawfully.
Activities that are considered as an unlawful conduct are in constant change and those activities which are not yet considered unlawful, parliament and other sources are in constant revision for new laws so such activities can be considered unlawful. Therefore, new laws and reforms are in constant revision. Parliament creates and reforms laws along with current conducts which are not currently unlawful but should be taken into consideration to become unlawful as such actions may course harm or even an offence to society. In 2003 statistics prove that drivers using a mobile phone were more likely of causing an accident than those who didn’t use