Theory Outline

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Theory Outline
Tiffany Woods
August 8, 2012

Theory Outline 1. Theory: Psychoanalytical Theory a. Key Concepts i. There is a focus on unconscious psychodynamics. ii. Individuals pay attention to repressed information. iii. In therapy, the therapist and client work to build the ego to moderate ID and superego. iv. The client works on establishing transference. He/she will tell the counselor what has caused the difficulties and the therapist and counselor work through it. v. The client and therapist explore the client’s past. vi. There is a focus on specific influences during the developmental years and how those influences influence his or her current
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The limitation of Jung’s theory was in his lack of evidence to support his theory. t. Key Terms xli. Amplification- elaborates clarification of a dream image. xlii. Anima and animus- the famine nature of a man’s unconscious and masculine nature of a woman’s unconscious. xliii. Association- when ideas and perceptions are linked together by a common thread. xliv. Complex indicators- faults or reactions when a stimulus word affects the client because of them trying to hide it or is not conscious of it. xlv. Conscious- being aware of something. xlvi. Individuation- becoming and individual. xlvii. Synchronicity- when the mental and physical state becomes balanced ("Carl Jung And Analytical Psychology", n.d.). xlviii. Unconscious- not being aware u. Is this theory research based? Evidence based? xlix. This theory falls under both categories. Jung has been criticized for his lack of empirical evidence. However, his theory is based on his research of dreams. There is data to support his finding through therapy sessions. v. Special training l. A counselor should be trained and have post graduate education. 3. Theory: Individual Psychology theory w. Key Concepts li. The theory focuses the primary and secondary feelings of inferiority. The primary feeling focuses on how children feel and the secondary references adult


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