The Six Day War

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A. Jan-March 1967: 270 border incidents
B. May 13 1967: Sadat arrives from Moscow with misinformation about impending Israeli attack.
C. May 14, 1967: Israel learns that Egypt is reinforcing troops and are on alert and reinforcing on Sinai Peninsula.
D. May 16: Egypt Evicts UN Forces
E. May 22, 1967: Egypt closes the Straits of Tiran to Israel, cutting off their supply route to Asia and supply of oil. By international law this is an act of war.
F. May 30, 1967: Jordan signs defense treaty with Egypt after Israel had repeatedly asked they remain neutral
G. June 3, 1967: Military Buildup
H. June 5, 1967 : Six Day War Begins

The Six Day War as it became known was the third conflict between Israel and Arab nations. It was
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On May 16th presented the United Nations Emergency Force a demand to withdraw from key locations, so UN Secretary General U Thant decided to withdraw all UN forces. The final straw would come on May 22, as Egypt blocked the Strait of Tiran to Israeli shipping, which is an act of war under international law. This decision set of the Arab war, Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia would all activate their armies. While the Arab nations were preparing for war, Israel was still trying to appeal for a diplomatic solution and for other nations to become involved (Cleveland, 2009). After the many attempts at diplomacy, most through back channel discussion with the U.S., Israel voted on June 4, 1967, by a Cabinet vote of 12-2 to go to war, which would begin early the next morning, June, 1967. By its name the war only lasted six days, Israel launched a preemptive strike against the Egyptian army and crippled the Egyptian air force and routed the armies in Gaza and on the Sinai Peninsula. After three days of fierce fighting Israel would also defeat Jordanian forces and would deal a decisive blow to Syria on June 9, Syria had proposed a cease fire on that day but Israel would accept it the next day, as they didn’t want the Syrians remaining in the Golan Heights, where they had attacked Israel for so long and on June 10, 1967 a cease fire was observed by Israel, six days after the war began


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