The Great Gatsby Comparative

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The central antagonist of Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age classic, Jay Gatsby, is revealed to the reader throughout the novel, creating a sense of mystery around his character, his past and his future. The quasi - fantastical pictorial of the same name, by Greenberg, also follows this reveal, portraying Gatsby's world and evoking a lingering curiosity. Initially, in both novel and graphic novel, the reader is set up to expect the worst. In the introduction of the novel by Fitzgerald, Nick states ‘ No- Gatsby turned out alright in the end; it is what preyed on Gatsby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out my interests in the abortive sorrows and short winded elations of men.’ This introduction creates a …show more content…

As the novel progresses, Fitzgerald deconstructs Gatsby’s self-preservation, revealing him to be an innocent, hopeful young man who stakes everything on his dreams. As a result, the reader’s first, distant impressions of Gatsby come into contrast with that of the lovesick, naive young man who emerges. His dream of Daisy disintegrates, revealing the corruption that wealth causes and the reality of the goal, much in the way Fitzgerald sees the American dream crumbling in the 1920s, as America’s powerful optimism, vitality, and individualism become subordinated to the amoral pursuit of wealth. With the death of Myrtle comes the revelation that although Gatsby now has wealth, he will never be good enough for Daisy because of her attitude and values. Greensburg’s vision evokes what is suggested by Fitzgerald, however focuses less of the idea of the crumbling American dream, and directs the reader’s attention to the contrast between Tom, Daisy and Gatsby. Greensburg’s interpretation of Tom prevails, with his hulking body and ogre like demeanour shadowing his actions and values. Daisy also shadows her interpretation as a dandelion with her carefree and coquette nature. The protection of wealth that both Tom and Daisy hide behind is compared to the romantic heroism that Gatsby portrays after the death of Myrtle. This reveals the true nature of Gatsby’s character.

Nick states ‘you’re better than the whole damn bunch put together’ referring to Gatsby. This not