The French Connection

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The French Connection

Daniel Cabezas

CJ 101, Introduction to Criminal Justice
Adrian Bordoni
October 14, 2010

The French Connection
New York City Cops The NYPD is one of the finest law enforcements when it comes to containing drugs, except one, heroin. The business of drugs exponentially grows to new heights every year. Around the early 70’s, heroine was being brought over to the united states at very high rates. New York City was a famous shipping ground for heroine, which made times tough for the law enforcement. At one point in history a person could find all sorts of dirty businesses in New York, whether it’s pimping, selling drugs or other malicious crimes. There are many famous mobsters that contributed to the drug
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New York cops are rising in numbers but yet the amount of heroin that is still in New York is depressing. The war between heroin and law enforcement Is one that will be around for a while to come. The French connection showed the basic way of how cops pin tails on suspects who then become their leads. The method of putting a tail on someone is fairly simple but since the 70’s the cops as well as the dealers have gotten smarter. To find the heads of this heroin epidemic, cops go undercover, a method that was not portrayed in the film surprisingly. On September 27, 2010 Jean-Pierre Mestanza of the Jersey journal reported how a man, 31 sold heroin six times to an undercover cop.
I am using this article because it is a perfect example of the best way cops find these dealers. Just like the French connection the cop wanted to contain the most evidence before making a move. The cop did not make a move until three weeks after the first dealing, primarily because he was trying to find a bigger source that will lead to the higher ranks in the heroin organization. Both of these articles support the importance of New York City cops and their search for heroin. Unfortunately the crisis with heroine has only gotten worse. The law enforcement will not give up on trying stopping most of these heroin dealers and the large shipments.


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