The Dark Knight - the Joker

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The Joker

In the film, The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan, The Joker, one of Batman's most dangerous enemies whose aim is too push Batman to his ultimate limits, to break his personal rules and strict moral code. This, being the Jokers only reason to live, he has no fear of death and pain. The Joker is characterised as a calculating and logical criminal, a rebel with minimal empathy or moral and a nemesis who commits purposeless crime. Together these characteristics are developed through specific and appropriate use of technical aspects, such as, camera movement, camera angles, props and dialogue. Together these techniques create a character who is an extraordinary to watch, as he causes chaos in Gotham City, all to get
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The Joker isn't afraid of death or self-destruction. In a way, The Joker approaches this concept in a childish, immature way. For example, in the “Hospital” scene, he blows up the Hospital Harvey Dent is protected in, guarded from The Joker getting to him, however, with his psychotic ways, The Joker kills the guards and dresses in a “cooky” nurse outfit, although it is unnecessary, The Joker still does for his own sake, to make everything into a joke, to add a personal touch of his humour. Camera angle is one technique that helps develop this characteristic, in this scene. As The Joker hobbles away from the blown up building, perished from his explosion, the building looks distant in the background, but close enough for the building to be a danger to him, he doesn't seem to be worried, or terrified for his safety, as he knows, killing Harvey Dent will release the anger and hidden burden of Batman's. The Joker seems relieved and successful of his achievements. Another example of The Jokers purposeless crimes in the scene where he robs the bank, in the opening sequence. The Joker has no reason to rob the bank, as you later hear, through the technique of dialogue that “...I enjoy dynamite and gun powder and gasoline... *pours gasoline on pile of money*...and you know what they have in common, they're cheap” he says this as he burns his half the money earnings, he then goes on to say that its “not about money, its about sending a message”, his choice of words are very cunning


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