The Daily Milk Market in Egypt

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Dairy Milk Category U&A Brief * Introduction:
The Daily Milk market in Egypt is considered to be a highly competitive one with one main market leader, which is Juhayna. The Dairy Milk market is worth about EGP 1.8 Million and the market is still growing with rates of 18% in volume and 21% in value that’s between 2009-2011. The market is price sensitive. In the below figure we can see the division of the Dairy Milk mark

The first to cut through the market was Juhayna in 1983 when Packed Milk made up only 1% of the whole market. Now the Packed Milk makes up to 26% of the market with Juhayna being the leader with 67% of the before mentioned market. UHT Milk makes up to 98% of the volume share of the market and only 2 % is left to the
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* Its is mainly done through conducting surveys, 1 on 1 interviews and focus groups. Trying to dig deep in the consumer’s mind in order to understand. * The main questions we are trying to figure out: a. What are the consumer’s different attitudes towards different milk categories like plain, flavored, skimmed, full cream… etc? b. How the consumer perceive different brands and figure out where we want to position Manny? c. What are the needs of the consumer? d. What are the habits and attitudes of consumers using indirect competition like powder milk? e. What are the habits of consumers using loose milk and why they are not using packed milk?

* Quantative Research:

* This type of research is mainly based on analyzing the results of questionnaires, market research and industry research all based on numbers and not on opinions. Market share analysis is very important on the basis of sales, volume, channels of distributions (using net distribution channels and weighted distribution channels approaches) and different prices. There is also Media reports which are really important to get a clear idea on the media habits of consumers * The main question are; a. How to penetrate different milk segments? b. Brand awareness in number, how many people know the product, the competition and the main function or competitive advantage of


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