Testagrossa Agrees

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“Testagrossa Agrees” Discussion Questions

Part 1 1. Testagrossa was said to be a man with a big round head on a very thin, skinny body. He wore a huge cloaked that drowned his figure making him look like a scarecrow. He had a flat face with a wide mouth, squashed nose, and green eyes. He seemed to have a very mysterious and mischievous look on his face. He seemed to be portrayed as a very uppity and active man who worked as a produce weigher. His job seemed to be enjoyable to him mainly because he earned some money and when he would weigh out the basket of peaches he would sneak one peach into his pocket, resulting in having 12 peaches in his pockets and all the way around his giant cloak everyday. When he was caught with all the
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Usually, it would be unlikely to see a young child talk or have possession of such a weapon, but when the laborer talked about finding it he seemed very excited and talked about running it home right away before he got caught. Even though Testagrossa is very against crime when he finds out that the laborer found a knife and is going to take it home he seemed happy for him and told him not to get caught or he’d end up in prison. This leads me to believe that Testagrossa doesn’t like crime unless it’s completely necessary, like for protection or for the sake of him eating and barely getting by day by day. He kind of seems like a hypocrite when it comes to this situation, but he sees the good and bad morals behind it. 2. Towards the end of the play the audience seemed to have all felt capable of anything. They had desire and need to prove their courage and strength and receive punches and beating for no reason. They were yelling and jumping up and down, clenching their fists, and looking threatening. They were imagining they were warriors interchanging emotions of fury and happiness. Everyone felt like a hero and like they were invincible. This resulted in Testagrossa feeling capable of facing and overcoming Serpenera and the other two men waiting outside for him even though they had weapons and more strength. As the play started to wrap up with the curtain coming down and none of the warriors dead the audience seemed displeasured and they began reenacting