Taco Bell - Food Safety

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Subject: Strategic response for public perception and brand protection in rundown crises of food safety.

The Stakes:

Taco bell face a threat of brand prishment in public perception that Taco bell is linked in serving or selling tinted food product, due to recent finding Cry9c in Taco bell branded products sold in grocery stores nationwide, It will also carry the same perception that Taco bell is serving the same tinted taco’s in its restaurant, in fact Taco bell has nothing to do with production of these taco from genetically modified corn, these products are being made and distributed by Kraft food industries, who is licensed to use Taco bell’s trade name . Though, Kraft food has already initiated the recall. Now Taco bell need
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For most Taco bell should state clear for full cooperation with government agencies in these investigation.

Shareholders and investors:

Taco bell must also remember that its response to this situation will have a significant effect on its shareholders. At least in the short term, inventory loss and reduced sale revenue will significantly affect Taco bells’ profitability. It might also affect Taco bells’ ability to raise capital from the market.


Taco bell must also communicate with its employees in new ways that give extra emphasis on food safety which is their most prim responsibility. All employees must demonstrate the highest standard in cleanliness and hygiene.

Vision for the future

We may take advantage of the seven principles of public relations management developed by Arthur W. Page (Vice President, Public Relations, AT&T, 1927 to 1946) to communicate to all the stakeholders involved in the situation.

Tell the Truth

Let the public know what's happening and provide an accurate picture of the company's character, ideals and practices. Taco bell should position itself as a welcoming, caring enterprise, sensitive to the many, often differing, needs of customers.

Prove It with Action

Public perception of an organization is determined 90 percent by what it does and 10 percent by what it says. Taco bell must display by action that it care about public safety and their health .

Listen to the


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