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Sysco Food Service

2 The basic necessities of life involve food, water, and shelter. Throughout history, we have evolved these basic necessities into finer things in life. Instead of living in just a cave, our shelter consists of structural buildings with luxuries such as couches, beds, televisions, and radios. We have taken basic water and turned it into flavorful beverages including soda and coffee. Finally, we have taken food, applied special cooking techniques and spices, to create four course meals. Sysco Corporation is a company that delivers restaurant supplies to different establishments across The United States and parts of Canada (Sysco Locations, 2012). Sysco began in 1969 as nine
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Also, within the Quality Assurance department, are “more than 100 QA professionals committed to maintaining the most stringent standards in terms of food quality, consistency and food safety” (Quality Assurance, 2012, para. 1). In the event of a recall, Sysco will notify clients and create a plan of what action for the recalled items (Recall Notification, 2012, para. 1-2). A company such as Sysco purchases capital equipment to benefit the company as well as reduce operational cost and increase profit margin. Sysco tells us, “Since January 2010, we have purchased more than 2,300 clean diesel trucks with low emission engines approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency” (Sustainability Report, 2012, p. 9). They also use cutting edge technology to provide the most efficient route for shipments, limit the speed of vehicles, record fuel consumption, and reduce energy use in warehouses (Sustainability Report, 2012, p. 9). Sysco's Form 10-K describes their continued efforts to improve. They plan, “To maximize productivity and customer

6 service, we continue to modernize, expand and construct new distribution facilities (Form 10-K, 2012, p. 3). For 2012, Sysco invested about $784.5 million into “technology, facilities, delivery fleet and other capital asset enhancements” (Form 10-K, 2012. p. 3). Sysco also tells us, they “enhanced our Broadline operations through the completion of nine acquisitions representing nearly $270


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