Summary of Bread and Roses Too

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The novel, Bread and Roses Too, is a story written by Katherine Paterson in 2006. This book takes you through the hard life of a young child, named Rosa, during the Bread and Roses strike of the mill workers of 1912. This story took place in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and displays the different hardships that had to be overcome the Bread and Roses Strike. Rosa is a young child who is living through the highest peaks of the strike of the mill workers, and she is not sure what to think of it. Confused by all the commotion, she stays close to her most authoritative figure in her life, her mother. When Rosa figures out that her mother is approving and supporting this strike, Rosa has concerns for her mother and why she is doing what she is …show more content…

The first immediate actions taken for the strike was the workers not showing up to there daily jobs. As the strike progressed through out the book, it developed into marching bands of people chanting with picket signs. As the strike continued the rebellion transformed into more and more extreme protests. The strike continued to be very violent and dangerous, the people thought it would be best to send the children away on trains for the duration of the strike. They believed it was safer to send the kids on trains that brought them to Vermont and New York than to stay in Lawrence during the strike. Characters like Jake thought this was a good idea because he thought it allowed him to start a completely new life. It was seen as a new opportunity to start over. For Rosa, she was extremely nervous, and felt content with her family at home. There were many opinions about sending the children away, but it was going to be done no matter what. After the children left, not only were the protests transforming and becoming more dangerous, but also the people holding them were developing into people they originally weren’t. Their attitudes towards life, and work transformed along with all other piers rebelling together. Through out this novel, in my opinion, I found transformation to be an extremely important theme and also recurring. It played a big part bringing out the good in


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