Struggling Readers

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1 Topic: Strategies for Reading / Grades 3-5

Resource Book: Strategies for Struggling Readers

Author: Jo Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Creative Teaching Press Inc.

Year: 2007

ISBN#: 13: 987-1-59198-434-4
Book Description:
When I am hired as an Education Assistant, I would like to have extensive resources or strategy books, classroom materials, websites, and any of my peer’s knowledge to help me in my work environment. This book and the many resource books that this class will provide can ensure the strategies and knowledge to help me teach and instruct the
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The teacher will feel at ease with the simplicity of the instructions, step by step lessons, and the useful tips it has to offer to the teacher/students. Also you will find after using this book that the student will struggle less and will have the proper tools to excel in reading in the future.


Helpful Tips: * Each lesson or activity has extra idea(s) or strategy tips.

* User friendly and well organized instructions.

* All lessons and activities are teacher researched and tested.

* Lessons are interactive and fun (music, songs, outside activities, and coloring).

* Book was inexpensive ($20) at Scholars Choice.

* These activities can be easily taught to special needs students.

Web Site: Busy Teacher Café -

This website for teachers is aimed at Kindergarten up to grade 6. In this website it offers a shop, blog, Facebook, theme activities, teacher resources, printables, e-mail, strategies, and a newsletter section. This website was designed and researched by teachers for teachers. Also site offers many links to other educational websites

The website offers plenty of printables in the subjects of reading, writing, language arts, and math. In addition it supplies teacher’s aids such as letter templates, behavior charts, class newsletters, organizers, and calendars which can be downloaded for free. The printable


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