Strategic Analysis Burberry

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Strategic Development at Burberry

Student Name: Madhumalesh Prakash
Student ID: A4036664
Submission Date: 4th November, 2011
Intake: MBA Batch 8A
Module Name: Strategic Planning
Module Code: SP Assignment Title: Longitudinal Strategic Development Study
Word Count: 4044

Table of Contents
1. Recent past to the present: 3
1.1. Introduction 3
1.2. Business 3
1.3. Leadership and culture at Burberry 4
1.4. Strategies deployed 4
2. The Strategic Position 6
2.1. Macro-Environment 6
2.2. Industry and market structure and competitive conditions 7
2.3. Strategic capability, Resources and Competences 8
2.3.1. Strategic capability 9
2.3.2. Resources 9
2.3.3. Competences 9
2.4. Financial situation of
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 Corporate level strategy: This is concerned with the overall purpose and scope of an organisation and how value can be created or added to different parts of the business (Jhonson et al 2006). This includes decisions of geographical coverage, mergers and acquisitions, and how resources are allocated to different parts of an organisation. In contrast with Burberry, Bravo adopted the strategy of International expansion to bring success in Burberry. New stores were opened including flagship stores in London, New York and Barcelona. Besides USA and Spain, Bravo also targeted Japan since it was an enormous market for company already. The results were profits soaring to £162 million by 2005, a six times increase since she took over (Jobber 2010). In regime of Ahrendts, Burberry opened stores in emerging markets such as India, China, Russia and Middle East. In 2010, the company acquires 50 stores across 30 cities, which was owned by its Hongs Kong based franchisee. The company continues to expand in emerging markets like India, Sao Paulo and Dubai either by opening new stores or establishment of regional offices. And recently, through franchise partners Burberry opened new stores in Armenia, Egypt, Israel and Mongolia (

 Business level strategy: This is about how to compete successfully in particular markets. This level of strategy deals with which products should be developed in which market and how to


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