Steamboat Case

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Strengths * Very good brand image as one of the premier ski resorts in North America * Strong marketing with innovative ideas which later become norms in the ski industry * Very good infrastructure in their ski resort in terms of skiing activities even when compared to rivals * Good backing of parent company who wants SSRC to become ‘number one’ * Good deals struck with airlines | Weaknesses * Inferior quality lodging arrangements *
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Mayfield has to study its closest competitors very closely because the factor that directly influences profits i.e. skier days, of Vail/Beaver and Aspen are almost double of what Steamboat has. A few ideas like the upscale lodging alternatives, range of night life activities, themed villages and expensive shops could also be implemented in Steamboat. Corporate packages should be targeted but first they would have to improve not only the customer service but also the quality of the customers stays. This would indeed require a handsome capital investment for the lodging department and some more incentives for employees to go all out to make their customers stays much more comfortable. Once that is done, focus can be made not only on corporate families or celebrities but advertise in places where they could find more customers like sports shops that sell ice hockey gear, hotels in Denver and surrounding cities, Rent A Cars, airport flyers, etc. These may be good ideas to get more customers to the resort. Mayfield’s idea about the teen program according to me is a good one, but yet again the marketing for this target market will have to be spot on. Activities must be researched in which teenagers would like to partake in, and marketing should be done in schools, high schools or even colleges(would not only target teenagers but also older students who pay full rate). Special package deals could also be given to schools in


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