Slumdog Millionaire - Analyse How Visual Techniques Are Used to Develop Deeper Ideas in a Visual Text You Have Studied.

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Analyse how visual techniques are used to develop deeper ideas in a visual text you have studied.
India is a country in central Asia with a population of over 1.22 billion people making it the second most populous country in the world. Its high population is one of the factors that results in India having such a high poverty rate. In India today over 37% of the population live below the poverty line. The reality of such a statistic means that these people live in conditions unimaginable to people of the western world. In the film Slumdog Millionaire by director Danny Boyle deeper ideas associated with this poverty are developed including destiny, loyalty and how poverty frees us. These deeper ideas are developed through visual techniques
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This change in the lighting signifies the easing pressure with each correct answer and Jamal getting closer to his destiny. Therefore the use of the visual techniques of lighting and colour better develop the deeper idea of destiny.
Cinematographic techniques are techniques that influence the structure and meaning of a film. Cinematographic techniques include camera shots, camera angles and size and choice of shots. In the film Slumdog Millionaire the visual cinematographic techniques of camera angles are used to develop the deeper idea of loyalty. Throughout the film the audience sees the character of Jamal trying to find and be with Latika. In several scenes we see Jamal and Latika together but separated by cages, bars, gates, windows and doors. In each of these shots the audience gets to see Latika from Jamal’s point of view, this is called an over the shoulder shot or point of view shot. In the scene where Jamal goes to Javed’s mansion and finds Latika the audience sees Latika behind the gate from Jamal’s perspective. From this camera angle the audience is shown that Jamal has found Latika and despite the obstacle separating them he will get to her, showing his loyalty to Latika. Another scene where this angle is shown is at the train station when Latika is in the car with Salim who is holding a knife against Latika. From the over the shoulder shot the audience can see that Jamal is trying to get to her but is again separated by the glass window, however he