Should Human Organs for Sale?

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Should the sales of human organs be legally or not, it is quite difficult to find a satisfied answer to this controversial question at the moment. Although a large number of articles were written, numerous speeches were made, countless meetings were hold to discuss about this matter but until now it is still a big controversy issue all over the world. Thanks to the steadily development of scientist, technology and medicine treatment, nowadays human organ can be transplanted from one to another. As the consequence some people think that selling organs should be legalized but others claim that it must not be done because the crime rate will rise and only the rich benefit from it. However, I believe that selling human
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It will deepen the gap between different classes in social.
Moreover, it can not be denied that there will be a big different between rich and poor people when selling human organs is legalized but as I mentioned above, human have the right to live. The rich also tried hard to earn money and it is very common if they can get better living or better chances. Everybody always wants to get high position in the social or earn much money so they can get what are worthy to their effort. The gap between the rich and the poor has existed in numerous fields in life for thousand years so it is very hard to balance two classes. To sum up, I think this matter is not big enough to pretend government legalizing selling human organs.
Another big results that legalize human organs can cause is that the growth in the number of death people. To have organs for sale, many bad people or criminal will commit murder to get other human organs and buy it for so much of money. In a conversation in website many users also commented about similar problem. For example, as Jess stated, “If the sale or organs is legalized, organ theft of healthy young people will be even bigger than it already is!” and “Murder will rise, people will die, and their organs removed from their body”. Consequently, the rate of organ stealing or murder will increase and it is really a pressing matter about ethical. Moreover, who will donate


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