Sg Cowen, Case Study

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Amirose Panacherry Staffing and Selection
Case study 2 11/17/2011

SG Cowen’s biggest strength in their overall hiring process is how invested they are in the whole process. The amount of time, effort and money SG Cowen puts into finding the best candidates is a strength they play upon to retain their clients and to make sure they stay focused in their market. Another benefit I see in their hiring process is the fact that they are fairly specific in what they are looking for, it allows them to hone in on a particular group and narrow the field. Their specificity also narrows down the selection pool but makes the recruitment process far more customized, which is what they want for their organization.
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They are able to demonstrate their business and banking savvy. The cost of implementing this assessment method would be mainly the time invested in allowing candidates to execute it, there may not be actual real costs involved since the majority of the exercise would be theoretical, so there would be no actual items to purchase for and would mainly be used to measure the way the candidate would approach the given situation, hopefully a real life situation that may have occurred in the. The utility of this is also apparent, in using and in basket exercise, you are presenting the candidates with situations similar to what they will come against as an associate, this can be considered a direct correlation as to how successful a candidate would be in the position. A potential adverse impact of the mixed basket could be that finding situations that are appropriate to use. Also the time constraints in trying to perform these in basket exercises can prove to be detrimental. Although there can be a variety of issues in executing this assessment method, the potential gain from doing an in basket exercise I believe can be very valuable in predicting the success of a hire. The idea of Super Saturday can be daunting not only those who are being interviewed, but the interviewers also, to help prevent decisions being made in haste so they can make sure they make the right