Sentencing Proposal for the Case of State vs. Students

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Sentencing Proposal
CJA/354 – Criminal Law
May 6, 2013
Ann Perry

Sentencing Proposal
In the case of the State v. Stu Dents, the jury found the defendant guilty of the following charges: homicide, assault of a police officer, kidnapping, and crimes related to drugs. They felt that there was no sufficient evidence to charge him with the crime of burglary. It has come down to the sentencing stage of this case. We will hear from both the prosecuting and defending attorneys before the court makes their final ruling on the sentence of one, Mr. Stu Dents.
The prosecution would like to move that the defendant, Mr. Stu Dents receive the maximum sentence for the charge of homicide against
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He cared deeply for Ms. Opee and does not know how it went so far. He wanted to be with the victim, not to hurt her. He realizes now that what he did was wrong and if he could take his actions back or had more time to think about it rationally, he would not have murdered his girlfriend, Ms. Opee.
On the charge of assault of a police officer, we ask that Mr. Dents receive probation, achievement of a batterer’s program along with community service. Mr. Dents did not realize he was being arrested at the time. He thought that the officers were there to harm him. Had he been in a sane state of mind at the time, Mr. Dents would not have struck the officer and went with them willingly without further hesitation.
Although this is not the first time Mr. Dents has been in trouble for drugs, we would like to ask the court to place Mr. Dents in a drug diversion program. The "Shouse Law Group” (2013) website "Drug diversion" is a program where qualified defendants participate in drug treatment instead of being incarcerated. Those who successfully complete diversion are then entitled to a dismissal of their charge(s). We believe that Mr. Dents would benefit from a program such as Proposition 36. Drugs are a nasty habit and addiction. People like Mr. Dents need help to overcome such addictions and a program like this could help him in more ways than one.
Mr. Dents is indeed guilty of the all the charges set before us today but