Section 2 BSBCUS401B

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Activity 4
19/05/2015 04:44PM
What level of customer service do you think you should receive from your internal suppliers? Explain why you think this and how high levels of internal customer service will impact on the service provided to external customers.
From my internal suppliers I should recieve the same customer service that I should give to customers. I think that it should be like this because they should give me the attention that they want me to give to clients, so that everybody in the company recieves the same good customer service.
This would be a direct impact on external customers, because if internal customer service is good also external would be.
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It is necessary to consider:
- Customer needs and characteristics
- Specific strategies and service expectations
- KPIs and other performance measures
- The marketing processess the organisation supports
- information to be posted on the website
- Other marketing strategies that will be followed
- The stage in the life cycle of the products you are selling
- Whether activities are reaching the necessary target markets
- Potencial for small incremental or large increases in sales to existing customers
- To degree what customers add to data base.
- Brand development and methods used to promote products
- Staff skills and expertise
- required performance standards
- Methods of collecting, analysing and using customer feedback
- Application of continuous improvement procedures.
Trainer Comments
16/06/2015 01:35PM
Activity 6
19/05/2015 04:44PM
‘Think of customer complaints as the voice of God and accept them.’
Konosuke Matsushita, Matsushita Electric Industries (National Panasonic) Japan.
What does this statement mean to you?
It means that customers are the most important thing for an organisation, without them the company would die. So what they think should be accepted as God's voice for everyone in the organisition and use them to fix the problems that they have.


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