Rubiks Cube

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Damari Grant

1. Introduction A. Have you wondered how to do the Rubiks ? B. How many times have you pick up a cube and said damn it wish I could complete the hold thing and not just on side or finish without sticker peeling. C. In time of boredom or just a mind opener its nice to baffle your continuesly with speed trials, always trying to beat the time before. D. Within this informative speech I hope to open your eyes to the least complicated puzzle that was developed in the late 70’s early 80’s E. 1. Today I will give you a brief history on the cube. 2, Then I will explain what a algorithms and what an algorithm is 3. Finally I will demonstrate the putting together this masterpiece call
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The first step is to get all the corner pieces of the face to face the same direction. First, pick a color to start with, preferably white. Find one of the white corner pieces (white, blue, and red), and have it on the same face as the middle piece. Turn the entire cube so that the original corner is at the upper left hand part of the cube. Find another corner piece with the same two colors, white and blue, and maneuver this to the bottom right hand corner of the cube. Once this is done, do the same to the other two corners. If done correctly, you should have an "X" on the face, which is all the middle and all the corner pieces in place.

The next step is to place the edges and to finish the top layer of the cube. To do this, turn the bottom and middle layers until one of the edges are lined up with the color spot it is going to be in. If the edge is on the bottom layer, do the following move: bottom clockwise, top middle down, bottom counter clockwise, top middle up. If the white edge is on the side, have the edge on the side it wants to go to and do and do the following move: middle clockwise, right side down, middle counter clockwise, right side up. Keep doing this until the first layer is completed.

The third step is to align the center piece to the first layer colors, and to place the middle layer edges. Have the solid face facing the bottom. You should have a pattern of three solid colors on the bottom and