Rogers Chocolate- Case Analysis

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External Analysis A. Chief Economic Characteristics 3 B. Five Force Analysis 8 C. Driving Forces 10 D. Overall Attractiveness of Industry 13 E. Group Map 15

Internal Analysis A. Identification of Business Strategy 15 B. Financial Analysis 17 C. SWOT Analysis 19

Test of Winning Strategy A. Fit Test 20 B. Competitive Advantage Test 21 C. Performance Test 23 D. Identification of Strategic Issues 24 E. Recommendations 25 F. Revenues/Expenses Projections 26 G. Internet
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Product Innovation-
Roger’s has produced premium chocolate treats since 1885. Even though they have added some new products along the way, not much has changed. They are one of very few companies that still hand make and hand-wrap their chocolates. The loyal customers of Roger’s Chocolates appreciate this and it is one reason for their loyalty. However, it is very time consuming and costly to do so. Although, the experience that comes from the dedicated employees, makes the process go quicker than if other companies tried to emulate this activity. Industry insiders can make their product more efficiently and less costly. Outsiders of the industry feel as though they would have an advantage in speed and cost as well. However, Roger’s feels that the hand packaging of their specialty products gives them an overall advantage in gaining and maintaining loyal customers.

Pace of Technology-
It is fairly slow within the industry of manufacturing premium chocolate treats. Other companies have taken advantage of the advances that have taken place in order to speed production and decrease costs. However, Roger’s has continued to utilize batch processing to make its chocolates. This certainly gives customers the feeling that they are purchasing a high quality premium treat. However, by not taking


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