Renova Case Study

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Marketing Case study examination 2013

Purpose & Mission

* Definition (What business are we in?) * Renova is a private Portuguese-owned company that manufactures disposable tissues and hygiene products under the brand name “Renova”.

* Purpose (What do we want to be in? * They would like to be Europe’s leading brand that loves the customers, care about them and has a culture * Expand new market in Western EU * To promote the well-being brand of both body and mind, while supporting successful relationship not only of a person with oneself, but also with the whole environment.

Company/Organisation Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Strength: (Internal) * Strong domestic
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Innovation has to be very unique to be successful. - Since there is a lifelong need for the product there will always be a greatly penetrated market with fierce competition. - Low profitability and strongly affected by high energy prices & paper pulp costs.- Marketing tactic, retailer has power to increase price of national brand in their chop in order to sell their private label.- Alternative easy for changing brand in order to cheaper price. |

Environment Analysis

Macro (What changed are taking place in the broader environment?)

* None
* Portugal joined EU union in 1986 * Strongly affected by energy prices, which have doubled between 2003-2005 * Cost of paper pulp, which has remained stable after substantial fluctuations in 2000-2001.
* Limited population growth. * Customer behavior perception concerned with price and quality

Technology * Innovations technological advance productivity are designed to improve the most important physical attributes of toilet paper: absorbency, strength and softness. * Improving shopping and usage convenience “Big rolls”. * Moist toilet paper. *
* None

Environmental * Environmental concerns (perceived color toilet paper rolls to be harmful to the environment.

Bargaining power of supplier: Moderate * Low: Number of suppliers meaning that they have a certain