Recruitment and Retention

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The topic I chose to research and discuss is the topic of recruiting and retaining the best employees. I chose this subject because I felt it was important for an employer trying to compete in this very competitive business environment, no matter what the business is, to be able not only hire the best and most qualified employees but retain them and keep them motivated. The ability to distinguish the difference between high performing employees and lower performing employees can be detrimental to a company’s success or failure. In retrospect, this goes back to recruiting and retaining the best employees while avoiding and being able to let go of those of a weaker caliber. Before an organization can thrive in recruitment and retention, …show more content…

I’m not a fan of this method because this tends to lessen the chances to land a job for people like myself who are trying to enter an organization not knowing anyone within. Another common recruitment tactic would be recruitment by job fair. At a job fair applicants are able to interact with employers meeting them face to face discussing opportunities for employment at their companies. This is a method that I agree with because at a job fair you can get actually meet and make an impression on an actual representative of an organization and increase your chances of to compete for open positions. The last method I’m going to mention is the temp-to-hire method which is my favorite. This method not only gives a potential employee a chance to prove that they may be worthy and can handle the expectations set forth by the organization, but it also gives that same potential employee an opportunity to scout that organization to see whether or not it’s a good fit for whatever they may trying to accomplish. Other recruitment methods can include the company website, job boards, college, newspaper ads, and rehires.

One can argue that once a person is recruited and accepts a position that the mission is complete. This is only a part of the battle. Once an employee has entered an organization and is a high performing and productive employee how do you retain them? One way to retain good employees would be performance


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