Reading Report on Disturbing Behaviors

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Reading Report on Disturbing Behavior

Presented to
Professor P. Gillen

YOUT 301-D01 LUO

Dana Peebles

July 11, 2015 Introduction
Throughout the years, disturbing behavior amongst teenagers and young adolescents has become increasingly intense. Despite the fact that many of these youth are looking for ways to express themselves and cope with the aspects of everyday life, they still strive for godly influences and role models within their lives. As Christians, and people of faith, it is our job to not only pray with these individuals, but to also guide them towards the Scriptures and give them examples as well as options when it comes to dealing with the consequences of these disturbing
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[4]. As the author of our text book suggests, “many rape pregnancies are aborted,” and I too went through with the abortion of my baby. [5]. In killing another life, I then felt horrible and developed even more “psychological problems” that resulted in my self-image and the way that I viewed myself. [6]. Since the view of myself was not a very good image, I struggled with “acceptance.” [7]. As a result, I developed eating disorders and throughout the years, my depression became so severe that I began cutting and eventually attempted suicide due to the fact that I viewed everything as “overwhelming.” [8].
Knowing that as a teen I felt as if I had nobody to confide in, my response to this book is a call to why I am actually going to school and getting a degree in Christian Education and Counseling. While there are many therapist and counselors who can assist in aiding with some of these disturbing behaviors, I never want the youth that I know personally to have to “go through it alone” and not have “professional help” available to them. [9]. In addition, I want to make sure that a godly message and words of truth are being given as guidance so that this world (which is full of spiritual darkness), “does not come to steal, kill, and destroy; the gift of life in Christ.” (John 10:10). [10]. Lastly, by “approaching teens with love and acceptance, they will have a greater opportunity


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