Readiness to Internationalize at Maynooth

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Readiness to Internationalize at Maynooth Natural Granite

Shingirayi A. Mutandiro – 6565816
Date: 14/11/14
ADM 3318C
Professor Lynn MacDonald

Executive Summary
Primary problem
Mr. Hyland is trying to find suitable markets for expanding his granite rock business profitably by relinquishing some control of his business. Mr. Hyland is also concerned with achieving a balance between his local business interests and family life in Canada.

Alternatives 1. Keep ongoing operations as is (status quo) 2. Service Boston, Hamburg and London only 3. Expand to Tokyo and Amsterdam (in addition to Boston, Hamburg and London)

Facts considered 1. There is a significant household gardening market, especially in USA 2. The
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Implications on Maynooth Natural Granite * Additional expenses incurred by MNG can only be recovered by increasing the prices for the final products. At a competitive stand-point, this poses a serious problem since the competition may already have lower prices for the same granite products. Consumers of today have access to cheaper alternative products due to popularity of the internet, and this could harm granite sales for MNG * Delays in the delivery of the granite products lead to disgruntled customers as well as lost sales. This will have a significant negative impact on the goodwill of MNG, and a tarnished image will ruin the business’ sales in the long-term, both locally and internationally * Considering the amount of competitors in the Canadian gardening market, it is not advisable for MNG to focus its efforts entirely on the local market. It also implies that for the amount of effort MNG invests in the local market, it should differentiate its products to add appeal to its offerings and hold on to a significant market share * For any firm, language and cultural barriers pose challenges when doing business. How well MNG blends culturally will affect their success in the foreign markets they are planning to enter. The company will need to do extensive research on the etiquette in those markets, as well as hire appropriate middle-men to smoothen their operations overseas * With Mr. Hyland having decided to