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QUALCOMM Incorporation was incorporated in 1985. It manufactures and markets digital wireless telecommunications facilities and products. These products and services are based upon code division multiple access (CDMA) technology. This company is listed in the Fortune’s List of top 100 companies, which have the best environment to perform work. It has almost 20,000 employees.
There are four segments, in which company is operating: 1- QCT (Qualcomm CDMA technology) 2- QTL (Qualcomm Technology Licensing) 3- QWI (Qualcomm Wireless and Internet) 4- QSI (Qualcomm Strategic Initiatives)

2- Porter’s Five Forces of Qualcomm

2.1- Threat of Suppliers

I. For the purpose of manufacturing, assembling and the
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Moreover, sometime there is a need to change the system of the organization, and then employees should be informed before time about that change. Employees are usually less happy about the change. In that condition, Qualcomm can increase the benefits for the employees, so they may resist less the change. Company can only grow, if its employees are highly motivated.

5.3- Innovative Technology:
Qualcomm should come with the latest and innovative technology. This technology should be latest for whole target market. Innovation is the key asset of that organization. The more you get innovative, the highly you get popular among the customers.

5.4- Flexibility:
Company should bring that products in the market which are flexible and fast, and customers have complete reliance upon that. If the product that is not flexible, customers will complain about that product, and it may create negative image of the company.

5.5- Transferability of Knowledge:
Customers should have the complete knowledge of the product. For this purpose, Qualcomm should have strong customer relationship database. The more this database is stronger, the more company will be popular among the customers.

5.6- Reorganization
There must be too much innovation in the Qualcomm. It is highly recommended to the company to reorganize its products with more innovation. Total Quality


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