Psychological Testing Paper

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Psychological Testing Paper University of Phoenix
PSY/475: Psychological Test and Measurements

Psychological Testing Paper
There comes a time when we all come across a specific test such as school tests, driving test, or even as simple as food tasting test. However, there is a difference between regular tests and testing’s when referring to psychological testing. There are several different psychological tests that many psychiatrists, psychologists, and school counselors use to determine certain abilities, however each of the tests are used for a specific purpose. It is vital for the individuals to contain high knowledge of the tests before applying it to others.
Defining “Test”
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Psychologists use several methods of tests to identify the nature and severity of the problem, and perhaps provide some suggestions on how to deal with the problem (Hogan, 2007). The users of educational settings are teachers, educational administrators, parents and the general public. The major use of educational settings is to establish the ability and achievements of an individual. Another reason that users use educational is to predict the success in academic work (Hogan, 2007). Next, the users that use personal tests as there usage are business and military. Psychological test are used by these users to acquire the right individual for the task or to fill a position in job placements (Hogan, 2007). The last test use and users is research, the users in this category are varied and it is used to test the education and other social/behavioral sciences (Hogan, 2007).
Reliability and Validity According to research reliability is best defined as, is the test is reliable if it produces the same results over and over again, when measuring the same thing. As to validity, it is defined as, a test is valid if it measures what you think it measures, as determined by some independent way of measuring the same thing (Dewey, 2007). It is important to psychologists to understand not to use the wrong test for a different purpose than what the actual purpose was. Then the validity of the measurements of the test


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