Psy 460 Week 4

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Positive and Negative Effects of Human Behavior

Positive and Negative Effects of Human Behavior Individuals behave differently depending on his or her beliefs and the choices come from the beliefs one holds. This can have a positive or negative effect on one’s environment within his or her control and the environment that affects the human population on Earth. Some environmental conditions that humans do have control over are pollution and crowding, although the rising temperatures and noise pollution may be out of individual reach. By changing some conditions and adding items that have a positive mental influence on individuals can make some over-populated urban environments more pleasant and less stressful to the community and
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If the leaders or individuals use the ‘lead by example’ rule of thumb and take care of the environment, the followers will follow in suit and carry on this information to others. The problem comes to a leader that does not care and has the followers destroying the environmental resources and because these individuals are followers, they may not know any better and pass these bad habits along to other individuals that may look up to him or her.
Behavior modification Behavior modification involves finding a balance between social, environmental, and economic sustainability (Steg, 2013). Each has an important criteria and value that should be balanced for the behavior to perform properly. Modifying behavior should not require drastic changes the individual must do. This will cause an individual not to be comfortable with change and may affect his or her quality of life. Major changes pushed on a group at one time can also make the people involved rebel and dismiss the changes because the changes were not proposed in smaller goals. The quality of life or (QoL) is defined as an individual who has his or her values and needs met. This is involving social, physical, and economic environments. There are certain criteria for everything. Social sustainability includes water and gas consumption and the criteria for economic sustainability involves inflation rates and purchasing power. Social sustainability has two forms to measure. First is societal, which covers the