Planning a Wireless Network Lan

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Wireless Network Plan
Deployment Scenario
The Infrastructure deployment scenario is recommended for Apex Designs’ Conference Center.

Deployment Scenario Reasoning
The Infrastructure deployment scenario will allow for wireless access points (WAPs) to be connected to the existing wired network allowing employees with wireless devices the ability to access the company’s network. This is a commonly used method of enhancing an existing wired network while adding the benefit of mobility to employees and is a cost-effective way to upgrade to a wireless local area network (WLAN). On-the-go employees can potentially improve job productivity while in the Conference Center by having the ability to wirelessly access company printers, file
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Required to be a single point of access for patch cords which will then be connected to the Cisco Catalyst 3560 24-port Ethernet switch. o Rough cost estimate: $16.23 per panel
Part number - 00153 o How many units required: One (1)

IEEE Wireless Network Type
Apex Designs has identified that an 802.11n LAN will be implemented. The benefits of 802.11n over the other 802.11 standards are:
 Significantly greater speed
 More range in data transmission
 Simple firmware updates will bring products based on Draft 2.0 up to the final standard when it is ratified.

Access Point Management
Apex Designs has decided that thin access points will be used to simplify the management of the wireless LAN. By doing so, the wireless network can be managed from one central location (i.e., the switch) rather than having to configure each access point separately. All authentication information is stored in the switch which will reduce the time needed for sending authentication information from one AP to the other. Thin APs are proprietary which also means the WAPs and affiliated switch need to be from the same vendor for best performance.

Location of Wireless Devices
Network Performance Impediment Report (overview of floor plan and possible impediments)
The site survey of the Conference Center found the Data Center located in northwest corner of the 300’x250’ floor plan. Long hallways surround the large, centralized, Conference Room (which is located east of data


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