Planning Process Paper

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The Planning Process
There are many companies around the world that have been very successful in their business. Though the one thing that all these companies have in common is planning diligently, “planning is the conscious, systematic process of making decisions about goals and activities that an individual, group, work unit, or organization will pursue in the future” (Bateman & Snell, 2007, 118). In this paper, will be listed the basic planning process as follows; Situational Analysis, Alternative Goals and Plans, Goal and Plan Evaluation, Goal and Plan Selection, Implantation, Monitor and Control. I will compare the planning process to my current workplace. Followed by what I believe would be more crucial and why I think that. Also, I
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Some of the ideas in plans they’ve discussed in meetings are the following: complimentary snacks, drinks, opening a Starbucks coffee station and mailing/emailing great coupons, specials off of services, even possibly a parking garage. The managers gather together to see what is best benefiting the customers and if there are any new ideas that may be brought to their attention. One, manager even stated he over heard a customer state to another customer, “that it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they had wireless internet so that I could continue to work while my vehicle is being serviced, you would think they would be caught up with the technology no days.” If so what they plan on doing to implant them, are they realistic and attainable? While in the meeting they’ll discuss several ideas and examples of how to keep all eyes and ears open for any future goals and plans.
Step #4: Goal and Plan Selection—“once managers have assessed the various goals and plans, they will select the one that’s most appropriate and feasible” (Bateman & Snell, 2007). After everyone discussing and gathering information from consistent consumers the dealership has decided to select the following as plans for the future; parking garage, complimentary drinks, a Starbucks station that consists of snacks, breakfast and lunch sandwiches up for purchase. Until the Starbucks station has built their customers, we have coupon vouchers so that the customer may have their first Starbuck’s


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