Persuasive Essay on Smoking

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The Adversities of Smoking.
Smoking and even second hand smoking can lead to fatal diseases such as, lung cancer, cancer of the larynx, esophagus, and bladder diseases. ltobacco/secondhandsmoke.html / smoking is hazardous enough to an individual’s health and it’s even more disturbing when people are exposed to dangers caused by smoking. The tobacco company however, had thought false labeling would help the situation when all it has done is worsen the case. The tobacco company had come with the idea of "light" cigarettes, which is just a way to think the cigarettes they are smoking are "healthier". Second hand smokers are just as endangered as the actual smokers they are equally exposed to fatal diseases.
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We never know if the future president of this country is sitting home with parents who smoke. The government as well as people of this country needs to fight harder against the use of tobacco in this nation because a whole lot is at stake here.
The government of this nation has to realize smoking is not territorial; it spreads to various aspects of our lives everyday. It’s like you get rid of it in one place, and it reappears in another place. The clean indoor air act for instance was meant to put smoking to a halt, but people still smoke in much more public places other that restaurants and I think there is a need for the government to go straight to the point and deal with the source of this problem; THE TOBACCO COMPANY. In this nation they are like welcomed terrorists who are slowly putting the health of this country in turmoil.
In conclusion, I think there are some constructive uses of tobacco for things such as antibiotics and curing some types of cancer. However, as always the tobacco company has found a way to turn the positives of the tobacco leaf into adversities. The government of this country has to stand up to the company once and for all because as it is right now they carry the power to make mankind


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