Personal & Team Effectiveness Individual Assessment

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Bruce W. Tuckman is an educational psychologist from Princeton University. In 1960’s, he proposed Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development. It is widely known as a basis for effective team building. It is describes four stages of useful development: forming, storming, norming and performing. In the 1970’s, Tuckman and other authors have added adjourning as the fifth stage. Tuckman's model explains that as the team's growth, ability and building the relationship. However, this is the most frequently cited if compared to the other models of group development that have been proposed. Every team has to go through these stages so that their work can do smoothly, completely and perfectly. (Alan Chapman, 2009)
Stage 1: Forming
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Our hidden schedule becomes open and the team is creative.
Stage 4: Performing The fourth stage can be described as a state of flexibility and interdependence. Individual are not only enjoying their team member who work on one own. They also support their team member who can work interdependently to solve problems. They found a ways to get the job done smoothly and effectively. They have defined clear roles, work processes, and respect of the team. Other than this, individual are high on trust and loyalty towards the team members and focused on the task. They are highly people-oriented and highly task-oriented. The structure is stable, team members are motivated by the goal. During this stage, team leader are always participative. Individual do not to be guidance and aid. But they can ask the leader to help them with the interpersonal development. Leader is delegates and oversees team and also available to offer continued support. This stage is important because team member communicate all the time and share rewards, successes, and responsibility. (Mattin John, 2005) The entire team members are motivated. We successfully completed the assessment. At the end of the performing stage, I know about when I should help the others and when I should work independently. Team member are motivated and individuals defer to team needs. Moreover, individuals take pleasure in the success of the team and we have high mutual trust in everyone.

Stage 5: Adjourning In


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